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Handmade paper workshops for groups

Come to discover how to make handmade paper with Bruno or handmade paper marbling, medieval manuscript decoration (illuminations) notebooks to carve and bind with Laurence. Creatives manual workshops to discover the paper universe. You have to do it !

Workshop to choose

Handmade paper: 
Discovery of the History of paper and handmade paper demonstration by the papermaker. Each person makes a sheet of paper and leaves with a dry one.

Paper marbling:
Paper marbling presentation and function. Decoration of a sheet of paper with 3 inks on the surface of a water tray. Inks are shaped with tools and by blowing on it, to create unique motifs/patterns. Each person creates a sheet of paper marbling and leaves with it.

Carving and binding a notebook:
Engraving History presentation. Slab inking (linocut, motif/pattern of your choice) then printing on a notebook cover. Simple japanese binding realisation. Each person leaves with the notebook.

It is possible to make a handmade paper sheet and to choose another activity. 2h duration.

5.50€ handmade paper (1h)
16€ for 2 choices (2h00)

Prices applicable for 12 people minimum
Maximum capacity by session 15 people
Beyond 15 people, we have to do different groups