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City map

Click on the red points to discover the main places

carte de la cité de Pérouges

Eglise forteresse porte d'en bas porte d'en haut Rue des rondes Place du tilleul Rue des princes

1 – The upper gate

Last vestige of the old fortress which was here before the medieval city.
This tower welcomes all the visitors from centuries.
Walk in the door and be charmed by the 15th century door which crossed the History.

La porte d'en haut

2 – Round street

This street goes along the city walls and let you discover the old houses of the craftsmen. A lot of craftsemen used to live there: weavers, shoe makers, butchers, blacksmiths…
Here and there on this street you’ll find a square with a beautiful well, poems, flowers…

La rue des rondes

3 – The lower gate

The second gate of the city was besieged in 1468 by the french soldiers.
An inscription refers to this most important feat of arms of the city.
It commemorates the victory of Savoy over France in dog latin !

La porte d'en bas

4 – The lime tree square

The original name was the covered market square. It’s the heart of the city.
The beautiful lime tree at the center was planted for the french revolution.
You can notice too the sundial where you can read: I willonly give you the time of the sunny days.

Place de la halle

5 – Princes street

It was the main street of the town, the merchant’s street where the best craftsmen lived in front of the house of the Lord of the city ( The Princes house, actual museum).
The wooden shutters used like stalls where the basket makers, weaver or gunsmith shops…

Rue des Princes

6 – The fortress church

Situated at the entrance of the medieval city close to the upper gate, the fortress church has quite wide dimensions.
Built at the 15th century, it is classified historic monument and dedicated toSaint Mary-Magdalena.
Close to the little door you’ll find a Saint Georges statue, it is the Patron Saint of the inhabitants.

Eglise forteresse